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“The next best thing to being in Tomah live”

If you can’t make it to the Budweiser Super Nationals, we have the next best thing.  For the first time ever, you can watch the Super National from the comfort of your home.  NTPA will stream live on  For $22.00 per session or $115.00 for all six sessions, fans from across the world can witness the “heaviest motorsport on wheels”.

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TV Schedule

Pulling fans across America are now able to watch NTPA Championship Pulling each week on the RFD-TV Network. Never before has the sport of pulling had a TV program that airs consistently and precisely each week. A total of 208 airings will be seen by millions of people - the most exposure truck and tractor pulling has ever seen to date. The NTPA is very excited to bring this package to its fans and bring heightened awareness and positive exposure to the sport.

"This TV opportunity is one that we have been waiting for patiently and with the door open to us, we walked right through," said David P. Schreier, WPI President/CEO. "The impact of this TV package is unrivaled in comparison to what has been available in the past. The real value is to be able to tell all interest parties when to watch the series each week for 52 weeks. The Tuesday night package will include new airings of the US Farm Report, Machinery of the Past, and NTPA Championship Pulling. It should be a great line-up for the fans of the sport and their home life interests."

RFD-TV is America's first 24-hour television network providing entertainment targeted to the rural population - America's farmers and ranchers. Basic subscribers to the DirecTV (channel 379) and Dish Network (channel 9409) as well as select cable outlets in Iowa and Minnesota compose over 25 million households having the ability to watch the series. Satellite or the "mini dish" means of televised networks is the fastest growing means of viewership, with an estimated 12% growth in just the past 12 months. Fans now will be able to subscribe to either satellite carrier and watch NTPA Championship Pulling each and every week.

View the NTPA TV Broadcast Schedule on RFD-TV


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